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Join us for regular workshops that hold vital information to marketing success. Our workshops focus on video production, DIY content creation for small business owners, podcasting and online marketing tips, tricks and hacks.

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Video Confidence Coach Workshops

Popular Workshops

We hold a variety of different workshops throughout the year. Follow us on Eventbrite to stay up to date with our latest workshop dates and topics. A good introduction to Video and Podcasting are:

"Video On..." Workshop Series: An exclusive series of "Video On..." workshops (from January 2020 to May 2020) where we focus on how to get the most out of your videos on each social media platform. Walk out of the workshop with your own full proof strategy to crafting engaging stories and get your potential customers buying. Perfect for small to medium business owners.
Start My Podcast Workshop: Held at Creative Geelong on the 4th Monday of every month. Ever wanted to start a podcast but were too overwhelmed by it all? You’ll learn by doing, be instructed by an industry expert and you’ll also be using industry level equipment and facilities. Walk out of the workshop with your own podcast trailer and the concrete plan to craft more episodes of your very own podcast. Perfect for beginners or intermediate level podcasters.


Podcasts for business has exploded in the past few years, but to gain the audience and influence you crave, you need to have the right knowledge and strategy to begin. We provide workshops, one on one coaching and corporate group sessions to make starting and continuing a podcast for your business easy, painless and achievable.

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Video Confidence Coach Workshops

Geelong Podcasters

Video Confidence Coach provides a podcast coaching and a real world community for you to build, collaborate and learn from others in the Geelong Podcasters Group.

For podcasters, soon to be podcasters, creative hustlers and entrepreneurs that want to build a collaborative community of other podcast creators, hosts, editors, and newbies.
Stay informed of regular events, news stories, and many other podcasting opportunities.

Personal Coaching

Video Confidence Coach provides marketing consulting and on-going coaching from small business owners to large corporate departments, and all situations in between. If you need a guiding hand when tackling your own online marketing, be it video, podcasting, adverts or on-going client relationship building techniques. We have the experience to reach the outcome to you need and have fun while doing it.

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